Legacy Tokens

Image shows a delegate at WMS 2023 depositing her legacy token in a clear box where other tokens have already been deposited.

At WMS 2023 in Charleston, South Carolina, USA, we launched our legacy tokens initiative. Instead of using Congress funds to create branded merchandise, which is not in line with our environmental sustainability ambitions, we decided instead to dedicate £10,000 to our Congress legacy. 

Our Local Organising Committee selected three charities based in the Charleston area to each receive a share of our £10,000 donation. You can read more about our 2023 legacy on the WMS website.

Our 2024 legacy

Following the success of our initial year, we are repeating our legacy tokens initiative for WMS 2024. Our Local organising Comittee are nominating three local good causes to each receive a share of £10,000 and we will publish the details of our 2024 recipients once they are confirmed. 

How it worksImage shows a selection of small, wooden disks with the WMS logo stamped on them in different colours

Each delegate receives a token (a small, round, wooden disk featuring the WMS logo) along with their name badge when they register on their first day of the Congress. They can "vote" for the charity they would like to receive the donation on their behalf by depositing their token in the corresponding box. The clear boxes make it instantly visible to all delegates how popular each charity is. 


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