Important Presenter Information

Programme Key and Presentation Prefixes

INV = Invited Speaker
O/LBO = Oral Presenter/Late Breaking Oral Presenter
P/LBP = Poster Presenter/Poster Highlights Presenter/Late Breaking Poster Presenter (on display at the venue and on the virtual platform)
VP/LBVP = Virtual Poster Presenter/ Late Breaking Virtual Poster Presenter (on display on the virtual platform and on ePoster boards at the venue)


Please check the Programme for your presentation/s details:
Using the above link:

Once you have located your P or O number in your notification email, search the PDF (CTRL+F) or scroll up slowly until you find the date and time and other presentation information. 

CME Accreditation

Please refer to the information on our Certificate of Attendance page


Within the virtual platform and app, there is a messaging service to facilitate scientific exchange.  The virtual app will go live a few days before the Congress commences.

Conflict of Interest

Must be signed by all Faculty, Programme Committee Members, invited speakers, session chairs, workshop trainers, round-table moderators, discussion facilitators, developers and presenters of educational content and format of e-learning material. 
We will contact you if you need to complete a Conflict of Interest.

At the Congress all speakers must disclose verbally and using a slide at the beginning of the presentation. Examples of relationships that should be disclosed include, but are not limited to:

If the speaker has no involvement with any for-profit or not-for-profit organisation, they should inform the audience that they have nothing to disclose, i.e., cannot identify any potential conflict of interest. It is the sole responsibility of the individual speaker to make such disclosure to the audience at the time of the presentation.


All key deadlines are available on the Dates page.

Important Contacts

Speaker Manager – Sue Munro: [email protected]
Abstract Manager – Patrizia Male: [email protected]
Technical (IT) Manager – Michael Lockett: [email protected]

Terms & Conditions

Abstract submission terms & conditions. The submitted abstract:

Consent for Post-Course/Congress use of presentation recordings
Code of Conduct

Tip Sheet

Please view the Tip Sheet to ensure that your presentation is fully compliant.

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