What is expected from you if you are presenting at WMS 2024

Oral Presenter (INV/TC/O/LBO)

Virtual Briefing

We will be hosting Oral Presenter and Pre-Congress Teaching Course Faculty virtual briefings before the Congress - see the Dates page for more information. These will be informative and an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have before arriving onsite. They will be recorded for those who are unable to attend.

Speaker Preparation Room

During the Congress days, there will be a Speaker Preparation Room in Room 2.1, where you can take some time to finish your preparation or enjoy a few quiet moments before going on stage. For Teaching Course Faculty please go and speak directly to the AV Technician in the room to make sure they have everything in place.

AV Technician availability for the Speaker Preparation Room will be as follows:

Tuesday 8th October 13:00-18:00
Wednesday 9th October 08:30-18:30
Thursday 10th October 09:00-14:00
Friday 11th October 08:00-17:00
Saturday 12th October 08:00-11:30

Please make sure that you visit the AV Technician in the Speaker Preparation Room the day before or at least 4 hours before your presentation session starts to check it is all loading and working correctly to avoid any last-minute problems.

Your Presentation

Your slides will be in presenter mode, and you will be able to see your notes in PowerPoint. There will be a countdown timer visible to you and the moderator. It is essential that you keep to time, please. You will have a laser pointer activated by a mouse on the lectern screen for viewers in the room and virtually to see.


If you would like to make use of the Congress app during your presentation time with polls to the audience for example, please send these to [email protected] in advance.

Congress Stage Setup

Congress Hall stage setup: <to follow>

<Insert images>

Short Oral Presenter (P)

Virtual Briefing

We will be hosting a Short Oral Presentation presenter virtual briefings before the Congress - see the Dates page for more information. This will be informative and an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have before arriving onsite. This will be recorded for those who are unable to attend.

Please check-in at the presentation theatre at least 2 hours before the overall poster session starts to allow the AV team to check that your presentation is loaded correctly and the podium microphone is working etc.

All Poster Presenters for that session will stand by their traditional printed poster for the first part of the session to discuss their poster with attendees and then the last ~30 minutes will be Short Oral Sessions in the theatres, plus traditional poster viewing for those who don't wish to attend the theatre sessions.

There are strictly scheduled slots for all presentations at the Congress. Session Moderators are at liberty to cut off any presentation that exceeds the given time frame to maintain the Congress schedule.

At the beginning of the scheduled timeslot of the session, the session Moderator will open the session and introduce the speakers. After each 3-minute presentation, 2 minutes are reserved for discussion with the Moderator and audience to complete the 5-minute presentation slot. All participants are encouraged to contribute to the session and ask questions. The Moderator will take the last minutes to address any final questions and formally close the session. Presenters and Moderators are kindly asked to be present for the entire session to which the abstract was accepted to ensure interaction with the audience.

Presentation Setup

North Hall, Terrace 2A and 2B Short Oral Presentation Setup: <to follow>

<Add Image>

Moderators Information

Timekeeping is crucial to the success of these sessions. The moderators will have a handheld microphone to use, so they can easily hand it to the next person when finished. There will be an additional microphone for attendee questions. The sessions will not be streamed into the virtual platform.

In-Person Poster Presenter (P/LBP)

Virtual Briefing

We will be recording a Poster presenter briefing and uploading it to this website and include the link in your presentation upload link to view prior to you uploading your presentation/s. Anyone selected for a Poster Highlights Presentation will be given a copy of the Short Oral Presentation briefing recording also.

In-person poster presenters will have assigned times at which they will present and discuss the poster with other attendees of the poster session. We recommend that you are by your poster to answer questions etc. during that specific poster session time. Please see the programme for full schedule details nearer to the time of the Congress.

Poster set-up and removal

In addition to the scheduled poster sessions, you will be able to show your presentation to your colleagues throughout the entire Congress at the traditional poster boards, designated ePoster screens as well as using the Congress app.

Virtual Poster Presenter (VP/LBVP)

If the presenter is registered with a virtual Congress ticket, the only presentation opportunity will be via the video recording preloaded with the digital poster. There is no dedicated time in the programme to view these posters on the ePoster boards in the venue.

If a presenter is onsite at the Congress and has a VP poster presentation, they are not officially required to stand by an ePoster board at the venue during Poster Sessions. There is nothing stopping presenters from arranging to present to attendees informally during the Congress.

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